20 Years of Living in Levi’s® in SA | Documentary

2014 marked an important milestone for Levi’s® in South Africa with the brand celebrating its’ 20th anniversary of operating in the country following the democratic election in 1994.

To celebrate this landmark, Levi’s® approached us to create a unique experience to honour both the people and the stories that have shaped the business over the last 20 years. View project here.

As part of this experience, we created a short documentary with film maker Richard Gregory that was premiered on the night of the event to the staff and friends of the brand.

Translating 20 years of the brand into one 10min edit was a challenge. With two decades worth of rich and significant film footage, photographs and brand campaigns, there were a lot of archival stories to go through. As a brand that’s as much about it’s people as it is about it’s product, making sure we included the memories of past and present employees, ranging from the facility staff to past MD’s, was really important.

As the 20th Anniversary event was an exclusive experience that only lasted for two nights, this content piece ensured that the story of the brand’s legacy would live on past the celebrations as a great reminder and ode to this iconic brand’s history in South Africa and the people who made it possible.