We were tasked with creating a unique experience that celebrated the brands milestone by paying tribute to the people, ideas, product and stories that have contributed to its success.



The Levi’s® brand was born in San Francisco – a heritage, which is central to the brands identity and well known to Levi’s® adorers around the world.
As a tribute to this heritage, we wanted to bring San Francisco and the history of the brand in South Africa to life, for real, for one night in Cape Town.


LEVI’S® 20

A fully immersive reconstruction of a classic Mission District Street in San Francisco, reimagined to tell the stories of the brands last 20 years through the form of the shops, galleries, restaurants and street architecture.
Open for only two nights, we first hosted the Levi’® staff, key customers, media and friends of the brand, and then opened it up to consumers for night two.



Legacy Street hosted 9 capsule experiences – a Peep Show, a Tailor Shop, a Gallery, two Diners, a Memorial, a Deli, a Record Store and a Levi’s® Store.

Each capsule told a brand story through its name, design and the experience it offered, allowing the guests to walk through the brands history in a natural and fully immersive way.



As part of the event experience, we created a short film that charted the journey of the brand, using a combination of footage from the last 20 years with interviews from the leaders that had played a key role in its story.



To activate our guests experience and ensure that the brands stories were effectively communicated, we created a mobile, iBeacon powered App, which guests were invited to download ahead of the event.

Via the Beacons, curated messages were sent to each guest, assisting them in navigating and augmenting their experience.