An open source co-creation space designed to empower and equip future creators.

Over a two-year period, AREA3 in Braamfontein had acted as a platform for creation and collaboration between adidas Originals and young local creators.

We wanted to further evolve the program by exploring new ways to create locally relevant content to support three key product franchises: Campus, NMD and EQT.

South African youth see creativity as a means to success. The issue is a substantial knowledge gap exists, leaving this group of ambitious youth with a lack of access to resources, skills and tools to enable them to achieve their potential.

AREA3 CPT was open source photographic studio and publishing house designed to empower and equip future by inviting them to conceptualize, style and shoot their own concepts, featuring the latest ranges from adidas Originals.

We provided access to 2 studio set ups, gear, a team of influential Creative Directors as well as production specialists to enable the creators to translate their conceptual ideas into tangible output.

The space also played host to workshops and talks with recognised creators to inspire and facilitate knowledge sharing amongst the creative community, as well as acting as a canvas for new product launch parties over the 3 month period.

Gabrielle Kannemeyer & Imraan Christian