Enter The Grid


An immersive, audio visual experience built to celebrate the launch of the DEERUPT shoe at HYPE DC and space for the youth of Sydney to interpret for themselves.

Deerupt was born from the courage to disrupt the design DNA of the brand to champion a return to bold colour, radical comfort, and an unprecedented silhouette.

Taking a single idea from the adidas archives — a structural web that once encased only the sole of some of its heritage sneakers - Deerupt stretches the concept to conform to the entire shoe.

By disrupting the grid system we created a maze like space which featured an LED infinity corridor with warped mirrors and lighting. A mobile form installation by Studio Chen Lu created a visual rhythm in sync with a curated atmospheric playlist.

Projection mapping by John Fish morphed and distorted the grid delivering an interactive and disruptive content experience, allowing creators and consumers to express and share the simplicity of the design.

Practise Studio Practise, Darren Luk, Anthony Berlangieri, Redscope