Foot Locker Team Week


An annual coming together of key Foot Locker staff and engagement opportunity for brands to interact with the most valuable asset of the Foot Locker business.

A unique brand identity was created for adidas which unified all elements of the execution and further cemented their partnership with the retailer.

Multiple, custom spaces disrupted the status quo with an interactive 2 day
programming from product sessions to creator workshops and a secret warehouse party.

The first bold statement - a bespoke seeding container which provided key details for the warehouse party. A highly interactive space featuring live surveillance footage of guests, a performance by Manu Crook$ and sharable content creation opportunities throughout.

The Creator Workshop encouraged unique customization and personalization of adidas product in collaboration with 2 local creative studios.

Practise Studio Practise, Ian Kanik, Redscope, Roux Blonde