HYPE sessions


HYPE sessions is a four day conference, bringing together all HYPE HO staff from Australia and New Zealand.

The theme of “Our Future Is” informed all thinking and direction for adidas’ programming during the sessions.

We disrupted the conference expectations by creating real moments of connection that celebrated the brand and invited participation. A seeding pack contained a bespoke magazine created for staff focusing on the issue of “Future”.

The Future Lab experience transported guests into the mindset of the brand – what new materials and technologies were due to come into existence.

In addition to a brand presentation, a panel discussion about the state of sneaker culture brought different moderators to the forefront including Woody from Sneaker Freaker magazine.

The remote location of the sessions in far north Queensland, presented a unique offering for the evening event. Future Nights was built on farmlands using shipping containers to create a music festival environment. Staff were encouraged to shoot in the reflective installation container and branded content was remixed to feature in an immersive portal container.

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