One Obsession


A content and activation series celebrating the shared mindset between professional and urban athletes.

Oakley is one of the world's most iconic eyewear brands, renowned for its undisputed credibility for top level athletes but accessible to all, but in South Africa it lacks relevance with the emerging market.

The global One Obsession campaign celebrates the internal passion that drives every great creator, athlete and innovator to turn their dreams and ideas into reality.

We wanted to leverage this direction to open a dialogue between Oakley and young South Africans by inspiring them around the fact that this mindset exists in all of us, from professional athletes to committed urban athletes.

Through a series of films we told the stories of three individuals that embody this spirit of One Obsession, how this mindset connects them and how Oakley facilitates this journey of personal growth and passion.

We selected global athlete and trail running icon, Ryan Sandes, entrepreneur and fixie rider Wandile Zondo, and urban runner and music producer Hakim Malema as our collective of One Obsession characters, recognized for their passion across both sport and lifestyle.

We also enabled our characters to translate this message into their respective networks by hosting bespoke activations curated by our urban athletes themselves.

Andrew King, Dave Fisher, Wayne Reiche‚Äč