Seize The City


An experiential nightlife series and call to action for the youth to claim back their inner city.

Jose Cuervo is the Worlds Number One Tequila, but has struggled to penetrate the main market of South Africa. We needed to develop a program to introduce the bold and irreverent spirit of Jose Cuervo to a new and emerging South African audience.

Nightlife culture is under threat. From London, to Moscow, Sydney and Johannesburg, urban centers are being regulated by authorities or greedy landowners. This is spawning a DIY party culture where youth are creating their own spaces and experiences.

This movement is largely inspired by 90’s rave culture, and nowhere was this more prevalent in South Africa at the time than in Johannesburg.

We wanted to bring this spirit to life through a series of unique underground experiences, that allowed our audience to take their city back, for one night in a way that’ll never be repeated.

Seize The City is more than an experiential program; it’s a call to action to nightlife activists to claim their city back, to live in the moment and in the knowledge that tomorrow is overrated.

The experiences followed a simple recipe true to this DIY spirit: unexpected location, the most influential people, the best drinks, an international artist, and a Sunday night.

Season 1 saw Jose Cuervo seize an unused train station and featured international king of grime, Wiley, whilst Season 2 took over a functioning recycling plant with guest artist Kodie Shane to create a truly unique experience.

We created further traction by collaborating with a series of young creators, recognized for their position in the DIY movement, and empowered them to co-create content and curate the guest lists for all the events through a unique wearable invite mechanism which drove more hype.

​Jumping Back Slash, Cool Your Jets​, ​Dune ​Tilley, ​Hanro Havenga, Lourens Smit​, Devin Armstrong, Zander Van Vuuren