The Power of Sport


Celebrating Women and sport by bringing 5 individually powerful, female narratives to life.

The legacy of patriarchal systems, personal battles and defunct societal behaviors mean that today many women still face struggles, barriers and pressures on a daily basis that withhold them from reaching their full potential.

We believe that sport can act as the antidote to this issue, that sport can empower young women and give them the confidence to step out of their minds and into their bodies.

We chose to tell this story through the medium of film by choosing 5 women that had each overcome challenges and hardships in their lives through participating in sport, and integrated them into a single narrative.

Mapule Ndhlovu used running as an emotional release from the stresses and impact of living in the township of Alexandra, Johannesburg.

Carmen Crous discovered the positive effect sport had on her life and daily struggles with cystic fibrosis.

Letshego Zulu used sport as her coping mechanism after the death of her husband Gugu.

Tracey-Lee Lusty used sport to overcome health issues she faced brought on by excessive weight gain.

Cara-Lisa Sham used sport to heal her body and mind after developing an eating disorder and poor relationship with food.

Together these individuals have shown that through sport you can develop strong willpower, self-confidence and live a happier, healthier life.